Blog #10 The Buzz

Out Of Body Buzzing Sounds The variability and intimacy of the Out Of Body Purring sounds virtually gives way to a steady stream of Out Of Body Buzzing Sounds.  An example of the Out Of Body Buzzing Sounds is linked here: The Buzz now has a life all it's…

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Blog #9 Detailed Discussions on Specific Continuum Events

The next sound along the Continuum I coined the “Purr”. Out Of Body Purring Sounds resembles a drum roll, where the drum surface is padded with a thick blanket. This blanket will stifle the drumming sound. The Purr can also be described as a quiet Purring of a kitten.

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Blog #7 What Is The Continuum?

Out Of Body Sound Continuum There are many methods of communicating ideas between people.  It becomes increasingly difficult to communicate concepts when the topic is one that transcends the normal experience.  When themes center on dreams, spiritual ideas or events not accessible to our senses, communicating ideas is more difficult. …

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Blog #6 Dream Imagery & Dream Symbols

Dream Imagery/Symbols Upon completing the last Blog, I mentioned how Dream Images & Dream Symbols can represent Out Of Body Sounds experienced.  It makes little difference whether I was lucid dreaming or unconsciously dreaming.  Regardless of the mental processes taking place during the dream, some of these Imagery/Symbols were related…

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