A Man rising out of his body during sleeping

My Story

Out Of Body Sounds & Experiences have occurred to me for more than twenty years.  Similar Out Of Body Sounds have also been reported by other people.  During an Out Of Body Experience, people have reported various categories of phenomena.  These phenomena includes, various Out Of Body Experience Sounds, vibrations, white lights and sensations of floating or falling.  But the phenomena that have most sparked my interest, are the perceived Out Of Body Experience Sounds.  This web site is dedicated to reproducing a range of Out Of Body sounds.  This web site also offers a Forum, where Subscribers can share their experiences.  Eventually, other experts, researchers & anecdotal opinions will be included on this website.

My first Out Of Body Experience Sounds

The very first time experiencing one of these phenomena occurred was during the Autumn of 1980.  Loud buzzing sound & almost paralyzing vibrations woke me from a deep sleep state.  This was new to me, I felt a sense of terror as and thought I was in a death spiral.  After all, since this was the first time experiencing this, what else could it be?  However, after several recurring incidents, I adjusted to this phenomenon and eventually lost my fear of these Sounds.

That Is When My Journey Began!

This website is centered around my own personal experience.  I don’t profess to be an expert in this field of study.  As a result, Subscribers are welcomed to explore and offer suggestions on how to make this Web Site more rewarding.  Reasonable suggestion on projects that can add to the wealth of knowledge to our Subscribers will be entertained.  Eventually, all aspects of this web site will be periodically updated to make it more dynamic and inclusive.  If you’re interested in another form of out of body projection, this 3 part presentation could prove instructive:  youtube.com/watch?v=twK3IZhurkU

Glossary Of Unusual Terminology

  • During the course of writing my Blogs, it was necessary to devised a vocabulary to adequately explain my experiences.  In an effort to help you follow my line of thinking, I’ve published the, “Glossary Of Unusual Terminology”.  The Glossary will explain the terminology you’ll encounter while reading the Blogs as well as help you follow my line of thinking.  A link to the Glossary is also located in the Main Menu.  Please note, this Glossary is a work in progress, therefore it will be updated periodically.  Glossary Link. 

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