A Man rising out of his body during sleeping Man rising out of body after hearing out of body sounds

Blog Discussing Out Of Body Sounds

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Blog Discussing Out Of Body Sounds will detail the sequence of events I’ve experienced prior, during and following my encounters.  These Posts will include how this phenomena corresponds to dream related imagery.  The Blog will also include other related phenomena such as vibrations, numerous related Out Of Body Sounds & white lights.  For more information on similar reported experiences & out of body techniques, visit:

Blog #17 Ball Of White Light

As the Continuum progresses beyond the Completed DLES, other related phenomena can occur.  Following a Void Out, (which also can be described as a brief empty pause), I’d occasionally experience viewing a Ball Of White Light.  The following dream sequence will detail how this might develop.

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Blog #16…The Continuum Beyond the Border

This section represents the final completion of the Completed DLES portion of the Continuum. During this phase, the Continuum has finally progressed beyond all Barriers thereby becoming the completed DLES. The person undergoing this phenomenon is moving towards a Ball Of Light that will be described in the next Post.

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Blog #15…Accumulating Out Of Body Energy

Accumulating Out of Body Energy. I once had a dream where strong Vibrations along with loud Buzzing sounds were in progress. The Vibrations and the Buzzing were incorporated into the dream scenery & both corresponded to my location along the Continuum. During this dream, the dream scenery contained a deafeningly

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Blog #14…The Void Out

An out of body void out during an out of body experience Out Of Body Void Out For those of you new to this website, take the time to review these two links.  They will enable you to follow the flow of my Post & understand the Out Of Body…

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Blog #13…Deafeningly Loud Explosive Sound (DLES)

The next major category along the Continuum is the Deafeningly Loud Explosive Sound. The Deafeningly Loud Explosive Sound (aka DLES), is an explosion of deafening sound that results in a Void Out. I termed it the Void Out because once it occurs, the explosive rush of sound drowns out everything…

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Blog #12…Out Of Body Vibrations

Introducing The Out Of Body Vibrations   The next section of the Continuum represents a major leap in my experience.  The Continuum is where all these Events plays itself out.  In addition to the sounds produced by the Continuum, the Continuum can also be experienced as Out of Body Vibrations. …

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