During this dream, both animal heads are stationary. As the Buzzing volume becomes louder, both bodies of both the Cat & Rat are expanding as if balloons. Eventually, white skulls slowly float in unsend upwards & out of both heads.  I now awaken while experiencing a Tingling sensation.  This symbolizes …

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As the dream Continuum progresses, the corresponding Cat/Rat dream symbols simultaneously changes to correspond with the Continuum.  Once the Tree was added to the dream scenery, the Tree becomes a pivotal dream symbol.  The Tree symbolizes the Continuum has advanced & preparations are in place to produce an Out Of Body

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Blog #15 Accumulating Out Of Body Energy

Accumulating Out of Body Energy. I once had a dream where strong Vibrations along with loud Buzzing sounds were in progress. The Vibrations and the Buzzing were incorporated into the dream scenery & both corresponded to my location along the Continuum. During this dream, the dream scenery contained a deafeningly

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