The DLES (Definingly Loud Explosive Sound), can result in an Out Of Body experience. The DLES is comprised of two distinct yet intertwined components. The two components are Sound & Vibrations. The Sound component can precipitate the Vibration component, which can then result in an Out Of Body experience.

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My Analytics indicated many Visitors were interested in the Vibrations phenomena.  This Blog is dedicated to the phenomena known as Vibrations.  Some Internal/External factors precipitates these Vibrations. Vibrations can be expressed as a Physical Sensation of Vibrations felt on or inside your body, an audible Buzzing Sound or Dream Imagery. 

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Blog #12 Out Of Body Vibrations

The next segment along the Continuum represents a major leap. The Continuum is where Events plays itself out. In addition to sounds produced by the Continuum, the Continuum is also experienced as Out of Body Vibrations. The Continuum isn't under my conscious control. However, my unconscious interprets Events via dreams.

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