I've decided to divide this Post topic into four to five Posts.  This series commences with Blog #18 which is merely a brief introduction into the Contributing Factors to the Continuum’s Functioning. I will provide you a full spectrum of a dream interplay between the Spirit, the Continuum & Dreams

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Blog #4 Conscious Sleeping & Lucid Dreaming

Conscious Sleeping & Lucid Dreaming   (For this Blog, the terms Conscious Sleeping & Lucid Dreaming, represents entering the sleep & dream states consciously). Conscious sleeping & lucid dreaming are difficult enough.  However, experiencing Out Of Body Sounds during a conscious state adds another layer of difficulty to the sleeper.  How…

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Blog #3 The Process of Consciously Falling Asleep

To Consciously fall asleep, an Attitude of remaining conscious is vital. Visualizing/Anticipating Consciously falling asleep is critically important.  Meditate, Contemplate, Pray or whatever works for you is just fine, just don't put too much Mental/Emotional effort into the procedure.  In other words, don't try too hard. Easy does it.

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Blog #2 Live & Sleep Lucidly (Consciously)

I’ll present Blogs in a sequential step by step process to help you experience Out Of Body Experiences/Sounds. I'll describe that Living & Sleeping Consciously can increase the likelihood of your experience Out Of Body Experiences With the corresponding Sounds. Lucid dreaming is vital to Out Of Body Experiences.

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