Blog #13 Deafeningly Loud Explosive Sound (DLES)

A person traveling through a tunnel while moving towards the light
Deafeningly Loud Explosive Sound results in producing a void

    Deafeningly Loud Explosive Sound (DLES)

The next major category along the Continuum is the Deafeningly Loud Explosive Sound.  The Deafeningly Loud Explosive Sound (aka DLES), is an explosion of deafening sound that results in a Void Out.  I termed it the Void Out because once it occurs, the explosive rush of sound drowns out everything audible.  Immediately following this DLES, all sensory & tactile perceptions are momentarily negated.  Any prior thoughts occurring at this time are also temporarily extinguished.  If you were experiencing a sense of floating, this too would be momentarily negated from any awareness.  In a words, the Deafeningly Loud Explosive Sound can result in a Void phenomenon.

Intermediate Phase Of The Deafeningly Loud Explosive Sound

There are several Events leading up to this DLES.  I’ve linked Illustration #3, which graphically display the DLES from it’s inception until its completion: The Graphic Illustration ranging from #1 – #6 represents the full extent of the DLES.  The portion of the graph between #1 – #4 will be referred to as the Intermediate DLES.  I’ve referred to it as the Intermediate phase because the Continuum did not progress beyond #5.  I will refer to #5 as the Barrier.  (This Barrier can correspond to my dream symbol Barriers).  If the Continuum is able to move beyond #5, the DLES is becoming the Completed phase of the DLES.  The Continuum’s ability to move beyond #5 (the Barrier), is the ultimate objective of the Continuum.  The feature of the DLES rapidly advancing from #1 – #4 only to retreat back to #1, can repeat several times in rapid succession.  For example, the Intermediate Phase advancing for #1 – #4 can occur as many as four times in rapid succession.  These four rapid Intermediate advances & retreating can span a total of two seconds.  This process must either terminate at #1, or advance beyond #5 (Barrier) to progress to a Completed Phase.  I’ve linked to the Post describing the “Barrier” in more detail cab be reached here:

The Completed Phase Of The DLES

Once the DLES enters the Completed Phase, the Continuum won’t be as stable as during prior phases along the Continuum.  In other words, while in the Completed Phase, the Continuum can’t remain stationary.  While entering the Completed phase, the Continuum must perform one of two functions.  It must explosively burst forward beyond #6, or, very rapidly reverse & retreat back towards the beginning, #1.  If the Completed phase retraces back to #1, it could retreat all the way to the beginning of the Continuum.  The beginning would be the Purring phase of the Continuum, #0.  I’ve linked to this prior Purring phase sound here:                                                                                                            This Completed Phase will either result in an Out Of Body Experience or the often experienced Void Out.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Follow this link for further discussions on dream symbol interpretation: Dream Interpretation.

 I will describe in more detail the concept of the Void Out In Blog #14.

Blog #14…”The Void” – Scheduled to be posted July 30, 2020



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