Blog #1 First Time Experiencing Out Of Body Sounds

Women rising out of her body
A Women rising out of her body while hearing out of body sounds

First Out Of Body Sound

The journey of experiencing the First Out Of Body Sound started during the early 1980s.  One night while sleeping, a discernible electrical buzzing sound woke me from a deep sleep state.  Upon realizing I was now lying consciously awake in bed, I wanted to open my eyes and get out of bed.  This was my First Out Of Body Sound experienced.  You can listen to a sampling of that Out Of Body Buzzing Sound below.

Much to my shock, I was unable to move.  At the same time, I felt what I could best describe as paralyzing vibrations.  This was an utterly new experience for me.  My resulting terror was the belief that I was now in an unstoppable death spiral.
Once I was able to eventually get out of bed, I thought I survived some version of a Near Death Experience.

Much to my chagrin, soon after this first episode, the entire episode repeated itself once several nights later!  Once I was out of bed, this time I thought maybe I should change my lifestyle to a healthier one.  Believe it or not, when this phenomenon repeated itself for the third time, I slowly lost my fear of this state.  No longer having any fear, I decided not to struggle against these sounds.  Instead, I allowed myself to remain completely frozen in bed and to flow along with the sounds.  Listen to a variety of Out Of Body Sounds on our Out Of Body Sound Module.


My life long journey had now commenced.  I began exploring these phenomena in books, listening to radio talk shows, and engaging in conversations with open-minded people.  Blog #1 as you can see is a brief introductory essay.  All the ensuing Blogs are more extensive & informative.  Review all my Blogs via the Archive.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        For further Out Of Body techniques & general research into this phenomena, visit this link:  Terms

                                                         Glossary Of Unusual Terminology                                                                                                                           Last updated April 21, 2021

* During the course of writing my Blogs, it was necessary to devised a vocabulary to adequately explain my experiences.  In an effort to help you follow my line of thinking, I’ve published the, “Glossary Of Unusual Terminology”.  The Glossary will explain the terminology you’ll encounter while reading the Blogs as well as help you follow my line of thinking.  A link to the Glossary is also located in the Main Menu.  Please note, this Glossary is a work in progress, therefore it will be updated periodically.  Glossary Link

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