Blog #8 Initial Occurrence of The Continuum

Man rising out of his body while laying down
Man experiencing his first Out Of Body Phenomena along the Continuum

                                                                                                                                                                                                 Out Of Body Phenomena along the Continuum

I will begin by defining the term, Event.  After experiencing my first Out Of Body Sound, a cavalcade Out Of Body Phenomena along the Continuum commenced.  These other phenomenon (Events), which may or may not accompany a dream, was much more puzzling.  This Phenomena included sounds; vibrations; projection of consciousness; bright lights and sensations of floating/descending out of my body.

My First Out Of Body Phenomena along the Continuum

The initial Events along the Continuum commences with a sense of CERTAINTY that an Event will soon occur.  The sense of certainty can best be described as perceiving some thing is about to happen.  The Event will either imminently occur, or will commence in short order, usually within a few minutes.  Sometimes the Event might occur when I’m in a more relaxed state.  This means that I’ve just drifted off to sleep, yet I’m aware that I’m sleeping (Prior to Lucid Dreaming).

As long as I avoid any conscious mental thoughts or have any emotional expectations, the Event can commence.  Attempting to gain “Control” of this experience can abort the initial occurrence.  The Continuum seems to be at it’s most fragile at the onset of commencing.  The slightest bit of willful attempt to manipulate the Continuum at this fragile stage could result in terminating the Event.

First Sensation (The Drop)

Let me define the term “Drop”.  The Drop is a sensation of Dropping, as if your falling of yourself.  It can be described as the sensation you have while you’re on a passenger standing onboard a bus/train.  Then briefly you snooze off but instinctively catch yourself before you actually fall to the ground. It can also be described by people reporting a near death encounter.  It’s reported that one moment you’re standing, then suddenly, your body dropped out of you.  Now you’re viewing your body laying on the ground.

I’ve had this Drop sensation when quietly sitting & especially when laying in bed.  It’s virtually certain that experiencing both the Initial Occurrence then the Drop, the Continuum will continue and may produce Sounds (Both partial & completed sounds).


If I remain physically & mentally still and not interfere, these events should progress.  This Non-Interference is vital! Conscious attempt to control the Event or to even mere thoughts, could terminate any further progress along the Continuum.  Strong emotions could also terminate the Continuum at this critical stage.   Although I MUST avoid any conscious mental processes, my unconsciousness mental processes can continue without interfering with the Continuum’s progress.

It is at this point that visual perceptions could possibly commence along the Continuum.  Visual perceptions correspond with the sounds of the Continuum.  Perceptions such as vague lights or perhaps even more formed images are one type of visual perceptions that might be observed.  (When I use the term “Observed”, I’m not referring to hallucinations.  It’s as you remove a vale and now can “perceive/awareness” of something present). More on this in latter Blogs.

Another unconscious mental process that could occur at this time, is the initial creation of a dream scene.  Dream scenes at their creation can first appear as specks of light.  Theses specks of light seemingly solidify into complete images, sometimes with or without the background.  Occasionally, the initial dream creation scenes could be mere shadows.  They might be gray/black shadows that progressively form into whole images.  Sometimes the initial dream scenes could be cartoon like, only latter to merge into more realistic images.  At this point, if I’m aware I’m dreaming (Lucid Dreaming), the process can become a full blown formal dream.  When the dream is completely formed, I’m now able to intervene/interfere with the dream.  Now I can become a full participant in the dream without terminating the dream or the Continuum.  I’ve concluded that the Continuum has some degree of independence from the lucid dreamer.  As a result, I’m now able to actively participate in the Lucid dream without terminating the Events.  The stage is now set to experiment with the Continuum.

Why So Much Focus On Dreams?

Before moving to the next section, I need to explain why I’m focusing so much on dreams.  I believe that a portion of our dreams are representative of the human spirit force to some degree or another.  I can only speculate to what degree or of the nature of how this “Spirit Force” manifest during our unconscious night life.  I’ve tracked my dreams and other sleep related experiences & recorded them in a journal.  I’ve therefore postulated that these Events appear to exist just beyond our normal range of the conscious awareness.  My experiences have allowed me to draw conclusions about the nature of this phenomena.  These conclusions are derived from several areas.  Maintaining a dream journal from 1991- 1992 was a major source of information.  The dream Journal illustrated patterns of symbols and themes that repeated itself in various yet related ways.  After reviewing my journal following one year of recordings, I was stunned to realize how often dream themes repeated.  (There will be more detailed discussions on the relationship of dreams & the Continuum in future Blogs).

Dream Symbols

I’ve compiled patterns within my dreams.  For example, dream themes related to traveling in vehicles; elevating/descending; moving through various portals/barriers; going on a journey with a group of travelers, were some of the major themes.  I will discuss dreams themes in latter Blogs.  In addition to keeping a dream journal, I also maintained a journal of other sleep related phenomena, (Events).  These other phenomenon, which may or may not accompany a dream, was much more puzzling.  The phenomenon included sounds; vibrations; projection of consciousness; bright lights and sensations of floating/descending out of my body.  These were at first a major puzzle.  I termed these phenomenon as Events & I kept track of these Events in a separate journal.

Reviewing these two Journals demonstrated a relationship occurring, seemingly occurring without any conscious effort on my part.  A patterned was being formed as the dream symbols were related to the Events along the Continuum.  Being able to have Lucid Dreams were also a major break through in interpretation my experiences.  Prior to experiencing Lucid Dreams, I was never 100% certain my assumptions were correct.  Lucid Dreaming was the Rosetta Stone in developing my conclusions.  My conscious awareness that Events along the Continuum occurred with specific dream symbols, helped me formulate a picture.

“Gee, Are You Dreaming”

When falling asleep consciously, I could experience the Events along the Continuum from the beginning to the Event’s completion.  To help facilitate becoming alerted when dreaming, I operated under the assumption that what you do during the wake life tends to replicate during dreams.  I therefore used this insight to developed a plan to help ensure I’d have a Lucid Dream.  The technique was while I was awake during the day, I’d search for Key Symbols that repeatedly occurred during dreams.  I would then repeat to myself, “Gee, are you dreaming”?  Of course I’m not dreaming because I am awake.  However I’ve rehearsed what I’d think when viewing a similar dream Symbols/Scenes, thereby initiating a lucid dream.

During Lucid Dreams, I would passively allow Key traveling or elevation symbols to run it’s own course.  Only to discover the phenomenon of the Continuum sometimes occurred.  At other times, I’d actively intervene with the Lucid Dream by creating Key traveling or elevation symbols.  Then to my amazement the phenomena of the Continuum would occasionally occur!  This indicated that some part of my conscious mental processes has a degree of conscious control of the Continuum.  It also implies the Continuum can operate in conjuncture with my mental processes.  Although dreams play a major role, I must be cautious not to interpret too much.  I attempted to avoid conclusions which may be false.  For more research on Out Of Body techniques, visit:

Blog #9 –  “Detailed Discussions on Specific Continuum Events” Scheduled to be posted on May 21, 2020


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