Blog #9 Detailed Discussions on Specific Continuum Events

Women rising out of her body

Women rising out of her body while hearing Out Of Body Purring Sounds

Out Of Body Purring Sounds

The next sound along the Continuum I coined the “Purr”.  Out Of Body Purring Sounds resembles a drum roll, where the drum surface is padded with a thick blanket.  This blanket will stifle the drumming sound.  The Purr can also be described as a quiet Purring of a kitten.  The sound is faint & quiet, at times barely audible.  Yet it can be unmistakably present.
Out Of Body Purring Sounds might commence without the “Drop” ever being experienced.  The Purr can commence in brief segments lasting a quarter of a second in duration.  It could increasingly progress to an extended Purring, lasting two-three seconds in duration.  To aid your understanding of the dynamics & formation of a Purr, I’ll graphically symbolize the Purr in the following Linked Illustration.

            Detailed Description Of The Out Of Body Purring Sounds

I’ve replicated a view of the “PURRING” along with the sine wave (The “~” sine wave).  The PURR commences with the letter “P”, at this point, the sound is barely audible.  As the Purr progresses to the letter “U”, the Purring becomes distinctly audible.  When the Purr now reaches the second letter “R”, the Purr volume is gradually becoming louder in volume.  As the Purr next reaches the letter “I”, the Purring begins to decrease in volume.  By the time it reaches the letter “N”, Purring volume is beginning to terminate.  This PURRING process could resume repeatedly.
An audio sample of this PURR sound is linked here: Listen
The Linked example represented an 8-second constant stream of Purring.  However, this sound rarely started out as the 8-second continuous stream you just listened to.  Routinely, the Purring commences for 1/4 second in duration; then the next Purring is 1/2 second in duration; then 3/4 of a second in duration; then 1 full second in duration, etc. etc. up to the 8-second example link you heard on the Sound Module:

‘…no made in stone model…’

There is no made in stone model of how any Purring will develop.  However, as a general rule, the time duration between each progressive of Purring could grow shorter in duration.  Eventually what is now heard/perceived, is a continuous flow of Purring.  The Purring could develop into a “Doubles/Triples” occurrence.  In other words, there could be a double burst of Purr-Purr, then a triple burst of three Purr-Purr-Purr.  In practice, there could even be several busts of very load Purr each 4 -5 seconds in duration.  An example of these Doubles/Triples are linked on the Sound Module is here:

As the continuous stream of Purring gets closer to the next phase along the Continuum, it could develop into what I termed the “Buzz”.                                   I’ve linked the 13 second Buzz sound here:  (More detailed discussion on the BUZZ in Blog 10).

The Entire Continuum

Dreams occurring while the Continuum is in progress might precipitate my subconscious to create the appropriate dream scenery that corresponds with these Continuum sounds.  Since the Drop/Purring occurs at the onset of the Continuum, I’ve postulated therefore repeating dream scenery such as Traveling on a path/Road/Train tracks/Highway, all represents the commencing of the progression to an out of body occurrence.  The next series of Continuum sounds could symbolically represent dream scenes corresponding to the next series of Continuum sounds.  The next series of Sounds is the Buzz Continuum sounds.  (I will address the “Buzz” in the next Blog).  After reviewing my Dream Journal & Events Journal, the next sequence of Elevating dream scenery represents an important staging ground.  This staging ground commences the actual ascending symbols within the dream imagery (An elevation concept).

Dream Scenery Of Ascending

The Continuum sounds become more consistent & loader.  My unconscious has produced the corresponding dream scenery representing ascending scenarios.  All of these Dream Symbols signifies the Continuum is moving me towards an Out Of Body Experience.
Any one of these five following ascension dream scenes has been produced:                                                                                                                              1. First viewing an elevator / Then latter riding up the elevator.                                                                                                                                                      2. Now I’m observing a parked plane / Next I am now a passenger on the plane.                                                                                                                          3. Viewing a grounded hot air balloon / Then I’m on board the floating hot air balloon.                                                                                                                  4. First observing a Roller Coaster / Latter I’m now traveling up a roller coaster.                                                                                                                            5. I view the first floor of a tall building / Slowly focus on each floor until I view the top of the building Commences.

Since other sounds progress along the Continuum, I will describe them in upcoming Blogs.  To review general research on Out Of Body techniques, follow this link:

Blog #10 – “The Buzz” Scheduled to be posted on May 28, 2020.


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