Man rising out of his body while laying down
Man rising out of his body while listening to the Out Of Body Sound Module

                               The Out Of Body Sound Module Is Designed To Mimic Out Of Body Experience Sounds

This Out Of Body Sound Module includes some of the sounds I’ve experienced.  However the Sound Module also includes sounds reported by other fields of discipline.  This Sound Module in no way represents all perceived Out Of Body Sounds.  Additional sounds will be added to the Sound Module as needed. There are six categories of sounds within the Sound Module.  Each of the six sound category represents a unique sound.  All of the sounds within the same category are similar. Within Categories, you’ll notice a slight variation in sound quality as you progress from one sound to the next sound.  This sound variation will either increase or decrease depending on whether you progress up or down within the category.

An Example of How the WHA-WHA Sound Category Operates Within The Sound Module

I will illustrated how the Sound Module works by describing the WHA-WHA category.  There are seven sounds within the WHA-WHA category.  These sounds are enumerated 1, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 8 (Ignore sound 8 being out of sequence).  Sound 1 commences the WHA-WHA category and sound 8 terminates the WHA-WHA category.  Sound 1 commences the category with a specific sound, then the next sound, 9 is a  progression on sound 1.  This sequence progresses until the last sound in this category, which is sound 8.  As a result, Sound 8 represents the most intense of the seven sounds in the WHA-WHA category.  By repeatedly clicking the Play button and/or manipulating the Volume control, you can therefore accurately mimic the desired sounds.

This Module is designed for the WHA-WHA category to be more intense than the prior category, the Energizing category.  However the WHA-WHA category is designed to be less intense than the next category, which is the Deafening category.  These six sound categories represents a sequential flow of sounds.  It commences with the Purring category & terminates with the Deafening category.  Hence the term, “Continuum”.  Each of the 6 successive category builds on the prior sound category.  The Sound Continuum (Continuation).  This Sound Module, if not the entire website, is a work in progress.  The Sound Module will eventually be updated with a more efficient sound system.  Read about these out of body sounds on our Blog Postings.

The Six Sound Categories Of The Sound Module

 PURRING cat sounds

















WHA-WHA sounds









DEAFENING  sounds    











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    1. Gee

      When I had my first O.B.E. I was also terrified. However after subsequent occurrences, I lost my fear when I did research on this phenomena.

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