Blog #5 Sounds Heard During an Out Of Body Experience

Man rising out of his body while laying down
Man experiencing Sounds Heard During An Out Of Body Experience


For the purposes of this Blog Post, I’ll focus on the Sounds Heard During An Out Of Body Experience that I’ve had.  From my perspective, these sounds occur over a stream of sounds.  Therefore I will refer to this sound stream as the “Sound Continuum”.  I think it is best to first describe this Sound Continuum to enable you to follow my line of thinking.

These Sounds heard during my Out Of Body Experience resemble the following 6 sound categories.  The Purring of a cat; a Buzzing sound produced by a Mosquito/Bee; an Electrical sound; an Energizing sound; the wave-like Wha-Wha sound & a Deafening Bursting sound.  Each of these six sound categories represents a unique sound.  Audio recordings of these Out Of Body Sounds can be sampled on the Sound Module.

I have perceived sounds anywhere along this Sound Continuum.  I’ve only been able to perceive these sounds during a quiescent state.  This quiescent state includes:
1. The State of Meditating.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  2. Relaxed to the point of falling asleep relatively soon after laying in bed.                                                                                                                                    3. When I am consciously seconds away from falling asleep.                                                                                                                                                            4. Seconds immediately following falling asleep.

Most Sounds Heard During An Out Of Body Experience Occur During Falling Asleep

Most of my out of body sounds commences prior to sleeping.  It appears this quiet period is a prerequisite to experience most of these out of body sounds.  Now the plot thickens because the commencing of lucid dreaming can complicate matters.  Lucid dreaming complicates matters because of the very process of dreaming, produces normal “Dream state” sounds.  These dream state sounds can be indistinguishable from the sounds heard on the Sound Continuum.  Some of the sounds I hear when I lucid dream are similar to sounds heard on the Sound Continuum.  However, some dream state sounds have no relationship to the Sound Continuum.

To add fuel to the fire, I have categorized specific dream images that occur during an out of body experience.  After recording a dream journal for one year, I’ve deciphered which dream images correlated to out of body experience.  I’ve also deciphered dream imagery that is representative of the Sound Continuum.  (In Blog 6, I’ll discuss how mental imagery may also represent out of body sounds).

Sounds Heard While Unconsciously Sleeping/Dreaming

Another set of out of body sounds can occur once I’m unconsciously sleeping/dreaming.  I’d wake from sleep to discover myself above my body.  This could occur in two manners.  I become conscious immediately before the out of body occurrence.  Or I became conscious following the out of body experience.  In my usual experiences, I would become conscious of being above my body because I am awakened by the intense volume of the sounds that the out of body experiences can produce.
The final set of sounds occur as my out of body experience is terminating.  At this point, I discover myself in the process of receding back into my body.  These sounds are specific to re-entering your body, but I’ll describe those sounds in a later Blog.  For additional information on how to use harmonics to transition between wakefulness & sleep, link here  Review our other Blogs.

Blog #6… “Symbolic Dream Imagery Relationship To Out Of Body Sounds” 


I've been experiencing Out Of Body episodes for over 30 years. I've explored this topic insatiably & hope to impart some insight to the website visitors.

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