Blog #7 What Is The Continuum?

Man rising out of his body during sleeping
A Man rising out of his body while pondering his Out Of Body Sound Continuum

Out Of Body Sound Continuum

There are many methods of communicating ideas between people.  It becomes increasingly difficult to communicate concepts when the topic is one that transcends the normal experience.  When themes center on dreams, spiritual ideas or events not accessible to our senses, communicating ideas is more difficult.  Therefore I’ve decided to utilize an aide which will help me explain my experiences to you.  I will refer to this aide as the Out Of Body Sound Continuum.

The Continuum in no way represents the final truth of what is being experienced.  The Continuum is only employed to help you follow my line of reasoning.  The concept of a Continuum is as limited as any other explanation of reality.  However, it helps you to have a frame of reference.  Before describing how the Continuum works, let me tell you what it is based on.  It is a way of understanding based on sequences, analogies, comparisons, similarities, cycles and balance.  This must sound vague but I’ll explain in concrete terns how it works.

Types of Falling Asleep

The variety of sensory/perceptual events can be heard or otherwise perceived at times prior to meditating or prior to laying in bed.  These events can be perceived:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        1. Prior to falling asleep.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  2. While in the process of slipping into the sleep state while I’m conscious of my condition.                                                                                                            3. While falling asleep into an unconscious state.                                                                                                                                                                            4. Prior to dreaming.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        5. During a dream.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Do you see how each step of the way along the progression of falling asleep leading directly to a dream.

I’ve listed five falling asleep Events.  All five Events are a progression upon the preceding event (an important concept for the Continuum).  By becoming aware of these Events without fully awakening, the Event might progress along the Continuum.  The only possibility of terminating the Events is awakening, mentally attempting to gain control of the event or by moving my body.  Even subtle body movements could reintegrate me from the sleeping state back in other body/ego awake conscious.

The progression of related sounds will occur in the sequence I’ve described as the Continuum.  The progression of related sounds will occur in the sequence I’ve described as the Continuum.  Once the Continuum commences, it could progress to any point along the Continuum string.  However the sounds could also retreat back along the path it just came from.  It could even retreat all the way to the commencing point.  When the Continuum begins to retreat along it’s path, it could do so in smooth successive stages.  It could also retreat in major leaps backwards skipping stages as it returns to it’s starting point.  Never the less, the Continuum can progress with or without my conscious awareness of it’s occurrence.

Advancement of The Continuum

The Continuum could once again advance at a slow rate or as sometimes the case, advance more rapidly than before.  The more rapid the rate of progression, the more likelihood the Continuum will progress to the end point.  I believe one reason for this is due to it’s rate of progression.  The more rapidly it progresses, the less likelihood that my mental ego processes can have an opportunity to interfere.
I believe the Continuum produces sounds that provides my subconscious the framework to construct some of my dreams.  This dream will correspond to whatever the Continuum represents at any given moment.  For example.  If you’re sleeping and someone is ringing a bell, your subconscious mind could integrate the ringing bell into a dream.  The dream could now create a dream scene of a bell ringing inside a fire station.  The subconscious will create fire trucks driven out of the fire station speeding to a fire.  Since the subconscious is aware from past experience that bells and firetrucks are related, it produces the dream with firetrucks.

Similarly, my subconscious interprets sound along the Continuum into dreams.  But with the Continuum, something more is occurring.  Since our intelligence must be aware of what all the phases of the Continuum represents, whenever sounds occur along the Continuum, the mind will create an appropriate dream scenery symbolizing what the sound represents.

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