Glossary Of Unusual Terminology

                                                                                                      Last updated July 12, 2021                                                                                                                                                                                                              New Terms are colored Red

During the course of writing this Blog, I had to devised a vocabulary to adequately explain my experiences.  In an effort to help you follow my line of thinking, this Glossary Of Unusual Terminology will help you follow my thinking.  Please note, this Glossary is a work in progress, therefore it will be updated periodically.

Accumulating Out of Body Energy = There is an Event which initiates the DLES.  This Event is experienced as an “Accumulation Of Energy”.  It is an unmistakable sensation where the energy accumulated, resembles the sound of an Engine Revving Up to maximum capacity.  The Energy (revving up sound) accumulates over a brief period of time.  From a 1/4 second to 1/2 second    in duration.  This brief time duration is required for the Energy to adequately accumulate and result in experiencing a DLES.  I’ve linked a sample of that Revving Up sound.  To fully experience the effect of this Revving Up sound, turn the Volume to the maximum sound level  Revving Up Sound. The DLES occurs following the final Revving Up sound.                                              Acceleration = Acceleration refers to a dream symbol that is rapidly accelerating faster & faster.  This Acceleration is the symbolic representation of the Accumulation of Energy.                                                                                                                                                                                                      Ascending = My unconscious produced the corresponding dream scenery representing ascending scenarios or descending scenarios.                                  Ball Of White Light = An intensely brilliant luminous white light just above my head.  During dreams, it can be symbolized as an approaching bright car light; the sun; brilliant white paint, etc.  Review the Ball Of White Light in Blog #17.                                                                                                                    Barriers = Something preventing me from passing or advancing.                                                                                                                                                    Border = The actual point of entry where I need to cross to reach my goal.                                                                                                                        Beyond the Border = The Incomplete DLES advances towards the Border, only to retreat back along the Continuum to it’s starting point.  At some point, the Continuum may finally progressed Beyond the Border & Rapidly Explodes beyond the Border.  This will result in the Continuum becoming a Completed DLES.  (A Link describing the dream symbols Borders/Barriers, can be reviewed at this link to Blog #11: Dream symbols).  Crossing the Border in this fashion will produce the most effective Buzzing sound, Vibrations & Serene Void Out the Continuum is capable of producing.
Buzzing Sound = Distinct Buzzing sound; sometimes a faint Mosquito buzz & other times a stronger Bee buzz.                                                                        The Continuum = A tool I utilized to communicate ideas that transcends the normal experience.  Themes centering on dreams; spiritual ideas; events not accessible to our senses.  I refer to this tool as the Out Of Body Sound Continuum.  The Continuum allows the casual reader to to have a frame of reference on my Blogs.  No more.  No less.  For a more extensive description of the Continuum, review Blog #7.                                                                                    DLES = The Deafeningly Loud Explosive Sound (aka DLES), is an Explosion Of Deafening Sound.  This Loud Explosive Sound Briefly drowns out all        Sensory, Tactile Perceptions, Emotions & thoughts.  Even If you were experiencing a sense of Floating, during a DLES this too would be momentarily negated from any awareness.  The DLES may also result in the Void Out phenomenon.  To fully experience the effect of the DLES Deafening quality, turn the Volume to the maximum sound level: DLES Sound.  Also, review the DLES on Blog #13.
Dream Symbols = Dream Symbolism that represent your experiences along the Continuum.                                                                                              Descending = My unconscious produced the corresponding dream scenery representing descending scenarios or ascending scenarios.                                  Events = Dreams Symbols, Sounds, Buzzing, Vibrations, Void Outs, DLES etc. etc. that occur on the Continuum, are referred as Events.                                 Finger Buzz = A perceived sensation on/across your body.  The sensations is in two parts.  1. A distinct Mosquito/Bee buzzing sound.  2. A vibrating sensation on/across the surface of your body.                                                                                                                                                                              Guides = A person that escorts me to my destination or goal.  These Guides could be directing the vehicle I’m to travel in and could decide which direction I should travel.  (A Link describing the dream symbol Guides,  can be reviewed at this link to Blog #11: Dream Symbols.                                                              Out of Body Sounds = Sounds one perceives during an Out Of Body Experience.                                                                                                                  Psyche =  For purposes of this website, the Psyche generally refers to unseen almost etherical aspects connecting your Mind/Body entanglement.            Resonating = In this Website’s context, when your Conscious Awareness is in Sync & in Rhythm with your Psyche.  Will be Posted with Blog #28                  Sound Module = I’ve included an Out Of Body Sound Module on this website.  The Module enables the User to reproduce & Explore Out Of Boy Sounds.    Team = A group of people that protects me, especially if my anxiety level increases once I near my destination/goal                                                                  The Drop =  The Drop is a sensation of Dropping, as if your falling of yourself.  It can be described as the sensation you have while you’re on a passenger standing onboard a bus/train.  Then briefly you snooze off but instinctively catch yourself before you actually fall to the ground.  It can also be described by people reporting a near death encounter.  It’s reported that one moment you’re standing, then suddenly, your body dropped out of you.  Now you’re viewing your body laying on the ground.                                                                                                                                                                                                        Tingling = I had a Lucid Dream with loud Buzzing sounds & strong Vibrations were both in progress & incorporated into the Dream Scenery.  The dream contained a Deafeningly Loud Explosive Sound (DLES) & Vibrations which corresponded with the sounds & Vibrations of an approaching locomotive.  The intensity of the DLES produced strong Vibrations.  Eventually, the loud sounds heard during this Dream awaken me from my Dream.  As a result, the Vibrations sensation experienced during the dream would continue to be Physically felt upon awakening from this dream!  This residue of Vibrations is referred as a Tingly sensation.  I obviously incorporated this Tingly feelings from the dream Continuum directly into my wakened state.                                  Traveling Symbols =  Any dream symbol representing a mode of traveling, be it by Automobile, Trains, Planes, Boats, Horses, Roller-coaster, etc. etc., are referred as Traveling Symbols.  The presence of dream Traveling Symbols indicates activity along the Continuum is in progress.                                              Vibrations = Virtually a physical sensations of  Vibrations on the surface of your body.  The Vibrations can be stationary or traversing across the surface of your body.  Review Vibrations on Blog #12.                                                                                                                                                                                    Void Out = Once the DLES occurs, this May result in the VOID OUT occurringA Void Out is a Brief Suspension, (Melting Away) of ALL Sensory, Tactile Perceptions, Emotions & thoughts.  During a Void Out, even your conscious Awareness is briefly suspended.  The Void Out results in a state of keen awareness.  I’ll describe it as Bliss.  All suspended functions will resume normal functioning without any problems seconds after the Void Out ceases.  I’d guestimate the entire Void Out lasted about 5 seconds in duration.   Review the Void Out on Blog #14.